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Bunnies & Special-Needs Rabbit Care


I spent lots of time at the vet with my sweet Blue.

I am an experienced bunny rabbit owner and caregiver. I'll be delighted to offer my In-Home Pet Care services for you and your bunnies!


I also have advanced training and experience in caring for special-needs rabbits, including:

  • Administering medications, including injections

  • Treating gas and early stasis

  • Syringe feeding

  • Bedding changes

  • Spotting any additional health issues while you are away.

My experience began with my wonderful holland lop, Blue, who had developed head tilt from e-cuniculi and at times required 5 medications multiple times per day, bedding changed twice a day as he was unable to use his litterbox, syringe feeding of critical care and water, and tummy rubs to relieve gas. 


I'm an active volunteer for Special Bunny Rabbit Rescue, where I'm continuing to learn everything there is to know about special-needs bunny care.



Rabbit services include:

  • housesitting

  • medication administration

  • free snuggles

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