Me and my wonderful, sassy BunBun!

My name is Lauren and I am 25 years old. I attend UW's Foster School of Business and am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, and Operations and Supply Chain Management. I previously worked as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic before I decided to start this pet sitting and dog walking business in 2015. I grew up with two labrador retrievers, Rusty and Kacy, and a spunky kitty named Mia. Currently, I have four indoor bunnies who were all rescued from various situations. I've been caring for bunnies for over 9 years beginning with Bun Bun who I adopted from Animal Talk Rescue. Next came my three-legged Cecil from a little cardboard box living in a fraternity house. Then, Snow was a foster-fail rescued from Hamlin park, she fell deeply in love with Cecil. Most recently, Cloudhopper is a foster fail from an accidental litter of a rescued rabbit from Hamlin Park and has bonded to my oldest, Bun Bun.

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